An efficient workflow is crucial for the productivity and successful operation of a company. To ensure that this important process runs smoothly, many companies rely on software solutions for resource planning, accounting or inventory management. These tools help to get the workflow going and keep it going. With Profiler, you can plan your resources optimally, manage your accounting efficiently and optimize your inventory management.

Improved workflow

There are often many small gaps in resource planning, accounting and merchandise management that can bring the workflow to a standstill at various points. The profiler is the solution to close these gaps and optimize the workflow. With automated document management, profiler harmonizes the transitions between the individual areas. Profiler offers customized solutions for all business-related processes based on documents and workflows.


Verbesserter Workflow

Profiler business app

The profiler business apps guarantee precise solutions for all business processes based on documents and workflows. Our platform-independent modular system enables fast and productive implementation of your processes and increases job satisfaction. By automating document management, we create freedom for your employees - to the benefit of your company. Collaboration between your employees improves considerably, while detours and errors are avoided.


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Process-controlled documents

With profiler, documents run through a predefined business process and are controlled on the basis of the content using rules.


Individual business process design

Your business processes can be seamlessly digitized in profiler. With profiler, you can manage your
documents efficiently and rule-based through your predefined business processes.


Document typing

With profiler, you can efficiently categorize different documents such as employee documents or
different files efficiently and thus increase productivity.


Administrative digitization

profiler enables the design of automatisms to effectively control the individual document types in each
effectively control the individual document types in each processing step.


Secure document access

With profiler's restrictive authorization control, you can define exactly which document accesses are required in each process step. This means that the view of the documents is precisely controlled and enables controlled and secure processing.


Audit-proof archiving

profiler fulfills all legal requirements depending on the document type legal requirements.


Connections to third-party systems

profiler offers various interfaces such as SOAP and REST to enable seamless integration with third-party-systems. This allows you to efficiently automate and optimize your document processes and optimize them.

The new workplace: Virtual. Paperless. Networked.

The profiler adapts to the needs and processes of your company and offers a virtual workplace that can be used by colleagues, branches, subsidiaries, customers, suppliers and partners - completely paperless. The profiler is web-based and compatible with all end devices such as PCs, notebooks, tablets and cell phones, regardless of the operating system. New apps can be implemented quickly and easily. The profiler business apps support your processes without delay and save costs and working time.

They optimize and accelerate your processes to the maximum. And best of all: although paperless, the profiler Business Apps allow you to switch to the paper world at any time if this is required for certain steps. In this way, the conditions are created to keep pace with the dynamics of the times. Software - fast, precise and flexible - ready for new requirements.