Customized solutions from a single source

Rely on our know-how in the flexible combination of standard modules and the perfect adaptation to your needs. Our experts will assist you with planning and project implementation and support you in adapting the solutions to your specific requirements.

Interlinking - Communication - Cooperation


If you take just a brief look at how we move around in our everyday lives, you quickly realize that we are constantly online and interacting with our surroundings.

We are constantly adapting our processes to the current situation and reacting quickly to change. If there is an obstacle in our way, we move out of the way. If the weather conditions change, we adapt our clothing accordingly.

We don't just see things as objects. We see their possibilities.

Smart Energy

From simple power grids to intelligently controlled smart grids. We have the concentrated expertise to implement complete solutions in the area of control and optimization of energy grids and generators.

Smart Energy


We facilitate access to digitalization - with the smart solutions from the kontron susietec® toolset.

Connected City Smart City IoT

In the cities

intelligent and demand-oriented supply of essential basic needs, such as electricity and water, becomes more efficient and easier. Lighting solutions can be made more economical and the flow of traffic improved. In short - improving quality of life and saving time.

In your own home

IoT helps to optimize energy consumption and increase security. It can also reduce housework and increase comfort and convenience by controlling lighting and entertainment electronics.

In mobility

for example, it offers the possibility of comprehensive remote monitoring in real time using telehealth monitoring. In addition, compliance with certain medications is made easier and diagnostic options are expanded.

In industry

In industry, IoT makes it possible to integrate production machines into the communicative network of a production process.

This enables both a direct exchange of information from machine to machine and a fundamental expansion of communication between machine and human.

The data obtained in this way becomes accessible, can be visualized and can be used to optimize processes or eliminate sources of error.



The mobility solutions are based on the service2go platform, which was developed in-house and is based on industry standards. This technology is particularly geared towards openness, flexibility and integrability and can therefore be seamlessly integrated into existing system landscapes and adapted to your individual requirements.

Laptop normal

Business Apps

Simply integrate new solutions instead of adapting existing systems. Speed of response is the most important asset for modern companies today. With profiler Business Apps, you have the tools you need to speed up your processes and adapt them quickly to new conditions. In future, the motto will be: simply integrate new solutions instead of adapting existing systems. New apps for new requirements.