Digital working time recording to optimize your HR processes

mesma supports you in optimizing your HR processes: The web-based application helps you and your employees with the digital recording of your working hours - whether via desktop, smartphone or terminal. Predefined event chains facilitate both individual and team bookings. Versatile monitoring options ensure that your HR team maintains a continuous overview of all time bookings. This increases flexibility, relieves your employees and also promotes efficiency in everyday work.

Since 2016, mesma has been successfully used by over 2000 users, who have already recorded and managed
more than 500,000 time entries.


Event tree

mesma enables the structured creation of an event chain: Based on the previously booked event (e.g. Start of work, Home office, Arrival on duty, Comes from doctor), further predefined events (e.g. End of work, Break, Goes to doctor) can be selected. This way you guarantee a fast and uncomplicated recording of working hours.

Time booking

mesma allows you to document and manage working hours for individual employees as well as for an entire team. The integrated offline function of the application allows you to perform time booking independent of location and OnTime - from almost anywhere.

Booking overview

The daily and monthly logs provide a detailed overview of all bookings. This gives your team a daily updated insight into the hours and leave account.


With mesma, you simplify both the requesting and administration of vacation, home office or compensatory time requests.


mesma includes a standardized connection to various HR systems via web services as well as an interface to Infoniqa ZEIT+ for your travel expense and payroll accounting. 


mesma allows you to create all payrolls on the due date: the time zone function makes it possible to generate precise reports on the individual orders.

Multi-client capability

mesma enables the simultaneous management of multiple legally separate clients or instances of related companies.

mesma in the field

Digitization of the time recording process at Fill GmbH

mesma provides Fill GmbH with an offline-capable and user-friendly time recording system that replaces the long-outdated solution.

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Advantages and benefits

Modern time recording with the mesma app

Whether on site in the office, from the home office or on a business trip: With the mesma mobile app, your employees can record and manage their working hours from almost anywhere. The offline function enables time recording even without a stable Internet connection.

This way, you and your employees receive daily updated information on recorded working times, requested absences or appointments. The standardized connection to various HR systems makes it possible to determine travel reports on the key date and then to perform aliquot accounting. The integrated time zone function guarantees an exact

  • Simple and effective migration to a digital time recording system

  • Increased efficiency and transparency of the time recording process

  • Faster recording of working hours thanks to predefined events

  • Mobile app with offline capability for location-independent time booking

  • Push notifications for updates and
    additional information on your time accounts

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