The smart support for your
service management

Workforce is the intelligent solution for optimizing your workflows in the field service, reducing costs and
at the same time increasing service quality.

The availability of all relevant data from the backend system enables you to process orders efficiently - to the full satisfaction
of your customers and employees. You can record feedback on working times, material consumption, signatures or activity
reports digitally on a mobile device such as your notebook or smartphone. In this way, you not only save paper,
but also avoid multiple entries and reduce the error rate.

The result: a lean process for order management with significantly lower costs.


Checklists and forms

Individually pre-configurable checklists and forms support your field service specialists in processing orders in a time-efficient manner.

Material reconciliation

Workforce records materials consumed as well as added or purchased by the employee and reconciles them with the ERP system. This is how you ensure that your vehicle stock is always up to date.

Time recording

The working and driving times as well as the mileage recorded by your employees serve as reliable proof of performance.

Map view

The map view supports you in the efficient disposition of your field service technicians.

Calendar view

The calendar view also supports the efficient scheduling of your employees. Absence entries can be documented transparently. 

Offline capability

All service and installation activities can be processed without restriction, regardless of where they are performed. This means that your field service specialists have offline access to all relevant information on the orders. On reconnection, the data is synchronized with the server.

Advantages and benefits

Your advantages and benefits at a glance

Workforce supports you throughout the entire service management process. With the help of an integrated scheduling software, you can organize and optimize resource planning from a central location, giving you a permanent overview of all service orders.

The comprehensive visualization options such as the calendar, map or list view enable a flexible planning and control process.

The result is efficient and high-quality order processing, an optimized flow of information and reduced costs - followed by significantly higher customer satisfaction.

  • Optimal information flow from order entry to completion

  • Shorter lead times and faster billing of service orders

  • Higher productivity and lower error rate of employees

  • Transparent business process thanks to up-to-date data and real-time feedback

  • Increased service quality and higher customer satisfaction
  • Paperless and error-free order processing thanks to intuitive user interface

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