The smart support of your service management processes


Workforce enables companies to optimize their administration of service and assembly staff working in the field – and to cut the costs and increase the quality of service when doing so.

The solution equips your staff to rapidly handle commissions on-site. This is thanks to their having access to all relevant data, which comes from the backend system. It permits an efficient processing of the order, and the guaranteeing of customer satisfaction.

Feedback on work time and materials consumed, signatures on documents, and reports on work completed are also recorded on mobile and digital bases – via notebooks or smartphones, making things easier than they have ever been before. The digitalized entering of data reduces the volume of on-paper documents, obviates redundant entering of data and causes the avoidance of errors. The result of all this: a lean processing of commissions and a significant cutting of costs.

The use of Workforce also yields the simple and effective mobilization of processes in the areas of service management and facility services.


Service and assembly commissions
  • Calendar
    • Day, week and list views
    • Optional: postponing by staff member of commission

  • Commissions view: overview, descriptions

  • Detailed view
    • Assignment of client
    • Status of commission: assigned, commenced, completed, disrupted
    • Object (for example: constructing machine)
    • Notification texts
    • Materials

  • New order
    • Service technicians can create new orders (search for object or for client)

  • History
    • Overview of previous service orders

Feedback for ERP system
  • Materials
    • Materials consumed (including fleets of vehicles
    • Added by staff members (fleets of vehicles
    • Physically-used materials (purchased on-site, with invoice number)
    • Materials supplied to client (to be recorded: delivery number)
    • Materials supplied by client

  • Further feedback
    • Chargeable times of work (recorded by staff member)
    • Text: description of activity
    • Cause of disturbance / code
    • Recording of signature of client
    • Times of travel and kilometer

  • Proof of performance for the client
    • Chargeable times of work
    • Materials
    • Texts recorded on commission
    • Printing on-site or transmission



Field sales staff – interior sales staff – ONE staff

LIWEST is profiting from the operating advantages of enterprise mobility – thanks to its deployment of the Workforce solution. 

more information on this project (PDF|DE)


Hauser: keeping cool when managing operations

Kühltechnik Hauser relies on Workforce to increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

more information on this project (PDF|DE)

Advantages and benefits 

Your advantages:

  • Optimized flow of information from the moment of the entering of the commission and until that of its completion
  • Cutting of times of completion of orders for services
  • Quicker invoicing
  • Freeing of staff members to concentrate on value adding activities
  • Preclusion of redundant entries, setting up of paperless processing

  • Transparency of business processes thanks to up-to-date data and rapid provision of feedback
  • Increasing of quality of services provided increases customer satisfaction
  • Error-free processing of commission
  • Verification of plausibility of data entered
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive display

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Our mobility solutions are available for:

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Windows CE Android (as of v2.3)
Apple iOS


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