Data transfers designed with mobile users in mind

Efficient, secure, adaptable transfers of data in fully-mobile environments

Fully-mobile environments require the employment of adaptable systems.

Mobile staff members are integral parts of the workforces of a large number of companies. Maintaining ties to them requires the synchronous and efficient exchange of information and data. This exchange, in turn, forms the key to problem-free and no-hitches processes.

The key challenge to be mastered is the guaranteeing of the continuity, precision and synchronism of the data made available in environments that are constantly changing.

service2go is the guarantee that this objective will be successfully implemented.

service2go - data transfers designed with mobile users in mind. 

Data from business applications delivered on mobile devices is generally locally stored. This is due to the lack of an Internet connection, or of one of adequate reliability. The availability of a link to a network triggers the reconciliation of such data with that of a central server.

service2go enables the supplying of the data precisely where it belongs, and of its being done in an orderly way. The software makes available the sets of data wished and required to two or more participants whenever and wherever needed – at a quality of transmission equal to that of a land-based line.

The basis for mobile business

2go is a platform upon which a large number of our products are offered. The platform is based on industry-wide standards, and has been configured to have the requisite openness, flexibility and ability to be integrated.

service2go enables the synchronization of data between such backend systems as ERP, CRM, databases  and mobile end-devices. Existent .NET applications can be extended for use on notebooks, tablets and smartphones – and for use in offline scenarios.

Your greatest benefit... incurring of costs that would have ensued from further development when extending extant applications.

And for that reason: small-scale investments when setting up offline functionality.

Compelling advantages

Efficient and well-proven

service2go is a software that has amply proven its merits. The number of its users now totals several thousands.


The routines governing data synchronization are capable of being flexibly integrated into extant applications. The exchange of data with the existent central system is guaranteed by configurable interfaces.


service2go offers dashboards enabling the efficient monitoring of the status of the system and sending alerts on an automatic basis.


service2go offers a transaction-based synchronization, and the options of an SSL encryption of the data being transmitted, or of the deployment of such further security-enhancing services as A1 Mobil Dataguard.



Based on Microsoft.NET Framework and the Microsoft Sync framework – greatest performance and lean applications server

  • Runs on Windows and Windows server platforms
  • Database-independent (MS SQL Server, Oracle, etc.)
Windows Clients
  • Microsoft .NET framework and Microsoft Sync framework for notebook/tablet PC
Browser-based clients
  • OWIN
  • HTML5

Smartphone Clients
  • Microsoft .NET and Xamarin for platform-independent mobile solutions
  • Microsoft .NET for Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile
  • Microsoft .NET Compact Framework and Microsoft Sync Framework for Windows Mobile and Windows CE devices
  • Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 devices
  • Objective-C for iPhone/iPad
  • Java for Android Geräte
  • WebServices, databaml charts, XML-based, file-based, etc..

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