Because of digitalization companies have lots of information structered in different ways and formats. Our knowledge base analyzes heterogeneous sources and offers your employees an intuitive user interface for easy data management.

Through meaningful reading TOMO combines company-specific terms with individualized knowledge libraries or Wikipedia, thus transforming data into knowledge.

React faster to customer needs - TOMO recognizes the emotions of your target group on social media.

TOMO will find what you are looking for!

TOMO can search in all linked databases - whether internally, externally or freely available in the world wide web. At the same time TOMO scans and extracts regularly the documents and data and combines them all  in a common knowledge base. By creating a relevance profile that is tailored to the interests of the user, TOMO is able to analyze the content of the documents and to sort them according to the profile. TOMO is able to learn from the ongoing interaction and thus continuously improves the search results.

and this is how it works.....

TOMO - how it works

  1. easy and intuitive to work with TOMO User Interfaces

  2. recognizing customer needs

  3. integrating company specific knowledge libraries

  4. linking up most divers data sources 

TOMO - know:botic search

It is the aim of corporate knowledge management to provide the right document for the right person in the right time at the right place! TOMO analysis your heterogenous sources - thus bridging the gap between "search engine" and "knowledge enhancement"!

Knowledge Management

TOMO offers more than 400 options to connect to data sources, reading them out in parallel.
Using semantic analysis, TOMO recognizes relevant terms in documents.

Knowledge Libraries

Many companies have their own technical language. Once established as a library, Tomo categorizes all documents by keywords and links them, delivering relevant internal and external search results. Unlike other systems, Tomo can access knowledge libraries and Wikipedia in REAL TIME.

Social Media Analysis / Trend analysis

On social media channels, TOMO can independently recognize users’ emotions. This enables companies to respond to customer needs more quickly.

Knowledge Storage

Employees can evaluate, weight and assign the available data. That way, relevant connections are not only stored in employees’ heads, but also become documented in the system.

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