Process-oriented apps

Use business apps oriented upon workflows to accelerate your processes and to quickly respond to changes in conditions.


billcheckenables the ‘anytime and anywhere’ authorization and archiving of invoices on a revision-secure basis. 

billcheck is a business app that is very easy to integrate into your extent system, and that enables your invoices and receipts to form part of process-oriented procedures.

billcheck equips your company to quickly and efficiently approve invoices, and to send them along to your accounting for booking and for ordering of payment. 

billcheck optimizes and expedites your procedures!


ordercheck  puts an end to long waits for approvals of orders. 

ordercheck  employs order forms that collect and manage all of the information contained in the documents to administer the authorization of requisitions.

To accomplish this, ordercheck assembles and organizes offers, authorizations and orders. These are then available for being subsequently incorporated into the process of authorization of the invoice, should such be required.


HRfiler makes it easy to securely manage data on personnel. 

HRfiler  enables the easy and secure administration of data on personnel employment, records of performance, and times sheets. This support disencumbers your HR department – and optimizes its efficiency.


POSfiler manages and safely stores your point of sales receipts.

These are then available for incorporation into corporate processes, and for being key worded.

These features enable these documents being sustainably integrated into corporate processes.

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