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UIDcheck enables you to fulfill the stipulations on the verifications of invoices ensuing from their being beefing up in 2013. This occurred via the promulgation of an ordinance applying to Austria‘s Directive on Turnover Tax.

This app ensures that you will not forgo any pretaxes-related losses that would have arisen from the omission of verifications of VAT identification numbers. This app dispenses with the bothersome and extensive querying of individual VAT ID numbers via Finanz-Online. UIDcheck and UIDcheckPRO provide you with security of operation.

Automated exchange of electronic data with Finanz-Online for the performance of individual and large-scale queries.


billpod is the ideal complement to billcheck. It enables the automatic incorporation of data on payment transactions contained in invoices that have been consigned – subsequent to the completion of the authorization process – in the “to be paid” worklist.

This business app enables the selection of the respective worklist, the complementing and scheduling of payments, and the recording of the respective IBAN and BIC so as to determine the identity of the bank account and to permit the issuance of a SEPA-compatible file on payment transactions according to multibanking standards. This is then feedable into customary e-banking applications.

Your advantage: billpod  precludes redundant recording of invoice data and of payments – and ensures on-schedule bank transfers.


scan2go is a mobile app that enables the anywhere and any time storage on revision-proof bases of invoices, receipts and other documents.

Use scan2go to enable your smartphone to scan paper documents. scan2go is available free-of-charge for downloading in the Apple Store. It can be installed on iPhones or iPads equipped with iOS 7 and higher.


quickforms empowers the dynamic gathering  of data. Its use relieves you from having to bother yourselves with the procurement of forms. They are simply there whenever needed. quickforms  recognizes, saves and keywords documents, and makes them available for further processing. This app is revision-proof and versioned. It expedites times of processing!



proPDFAnalyzer is a module used in the processing of PDF documents. It enables the functioning and joining of such documents, the reading of their barcodes and metainformation, and their being converted into other formats (such as tiff).

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