profiler Business Apps

Quick and easy integration of new solutions – instead of having to adapt existing systems. New apps for new requirements.

The profiler business apps guarantee that all business processes based on documents and workflows will proceed precisely as planned. The apps are platform-independent, and are comprised of modules. This system electronically archives all transactions, thus securing them against revision. The result: your processes achieve a new speed and productivity of operation – and you have a greater joy of work.


Unconditionally agile

Processes-supporting solutions

Configured to handle workflows, the business apps provide you with the tools require to accelerate your processes – and to adapt them on an ongoing basis to new conditions.

We have a solution that fits your needs, be they in the areas of authorization of orders and invoices, the administration of personnel data, or the archiving of your documents.


Synergizing objectives and means

Well-functioning Apps

Achieving a high productivity from procedures requires good teamwork among the individual applications that support corporate processes.

And producing that teamwork is precisely what our well-functioning profiler business apps enable!


Making the new familiar

IT Integration 

The best software products are those that adapt themselves to the operational procedures that your staff members and partners are used to – and to your extant IT infrastructure.

Our profiler business apps have the tools – such as cockpits for SAP, proOffice and proNTS – to simply, easily and comprehensively plug themselves into the processes and IT of your company.

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