Software Engineering

Software Engineering  

Solutions – customized to meet your requirements

Software Engineering 

A driver of the successes achieved by companies is often having their software-based solutions precisely meeting their needs and perfectly fitting into their operations. Such solutions are exactly what Kontron Technologies supplies. These solutions are developed for your company, being either standardized or individualized in nature. In either case, we have the software capably and completely satisfying your requirements.

Your advantages:
  • Rapid and secure meeting of your needs and wishes, with this process comprising a dedicated analysis and engineering of your requirements.
  • Optimal embedding of solutions in your IT architecture and in extant interfaces.
  • End-to-end development of software, starting with the compilation of specifications and extending to its being tested.
  • Assistance of our on-site experts: rolling out of your project in all environments and specialized departments

To achieve this, we rely on the following programs and technologies: .NET, C#, SharePoint, Azure, HTML 5 / CSS, JavaScript/Angular.js, MS Office AddIns and MS SQL.

Classic or agile

Our policy of meeting our customers‘ individual needs manifests itself in how we pick our approach. We join our clients in selecting the optimal one for them. This approach can take the form of a classic project of development – one employing the waterfall model. Another kind of approach is an agile, SCRUM-based implementation. The development of software occurs on your premises, or, should you so wish and without any further administrative-caused IT expenditure, at the facilities maintained by Kontron Technologies.

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