You require a solution enabling you to realize your project fast and cost-effectively?
Or you have individual requirements that are not handled by standard software solutions?
Then it‘s time to contact Kontron Technologies when starting up ideas around your new software solution.
We will find the right solution for you.

We offer three kinds of approaches – and they offer you limitless range of possibilities!


All companies are comprised of areas that give rise to challenges that are very similar in nature – challenges whose mastering can be undertaken by deploying software-based standard solutions. This deployment enables the expeditious and cost-effective realization of your project. This is due to such solutions‘ being immediately available – and to their having a guaranteed functionality.


Many companies require corporation-specific adaptations of standardized software-based solutions, ones meeting special-purpose requirements, ones mastering the challenges of daily business. These solutions have to be 100% integrable into corporate IT. We support your teaming up a standardized solution with the adaptations that give you the ability to configure it according to your needs.


Many companies face unique problems, ones not capable of being handled by an individualized standard solution. Highly-specific problems require the employment of fully individualized software solutions, ones precisely adapted to meet your needs. We know how to do this. Profit from our expertise.

Your advantages

  • Rapid and expert transformation of your needs into software meeting them through the conducting of comprehensive analyses of specifications and of requirements engineering
  • Optimal embedding in your IT architecture and extant interfaces
  • End-to-end software development – starting with the determination of specifications and extending to its test
  • Rolling out by our on-site experts of your project in all environments and departments

To handle all this, we rely upon the following technologies: .NET, C#, Azure, HTML 5 / CSS, JavaScript/Angular.js, MS Office AddIns, MS SQL, Sharepoint, ...

Classic or Agil

We also place a high importance upon individuality when selecting our approach. We join you in selecting the model optimally meeting the needs of your company. The choice is between the classic development project according to the waterfall model or an agile, SCRUM-based implementation.

This development is undertaken directly on your premises, or – and with this not requiring any further expenditure of or administration by your IT –  at Kontron Technologies‘ development facilities.

Classic & Cleary defined

Predefined project steps, a precisely defined sequence and the consistent realization of each step are essential for the success of your project.

Thanks to the precise planning and the highly ordered structures, you have a great planning reliability regarding time frame of the planned project. This method is particularly perfect for projects with constant requirements.

Agil & Contemporary

Being the link between all processes and employees, software has to adapt to rapidly changing markets and products. At the same time, user expectations for the usability and performance of software systems are rising.

Flexible software solutions featuring future-oriented technology stacks are our highest premise. We adapt them to specific customer needs and develop them: quickly, easily and up-to-date. Agile design, agile development.

Realized with solutions of Kontron Technologies


ÖBB: full speed ahead thanks to TIM

ÖBB is Austria‘s rail corporation. It uses Kontron Technologies‘ TIM software platform to supply – on mobile bases - its some 5,000 locomotive engineers with up-to-date schedules.


Field sales staff – interior sales staff –
ONE staff

LIWEST is profiting from the operating advantages of enterprise mobility – thanks to its deployment of Mobile WFM solution, which is based on "service2go".

profiler Business Apps

Hauser: keeping cool when managing operations

Kühltechnik Hauser relies on the Workforce of susietec to increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

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