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We have what you are looking for – in our Professional Resource Pool

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Contract-employed experts

Freelancers have become one of HR department‘s main sources of staff. This holds especially true of those of IT companies. Freelancers enjoy their independence and the variety of employment – which produces a succession of projects – provided by their status. This arrangement brings a clear advantage for both commissioning and commissioned party - flexibility.

We have what you are looking for

A commissioning party often needs quality staff, and needs them in a hurry. A professional looking to get work needs an overview of interesting projects and commissioning parties. And that‘s precisely what our Resource Pool provides – for both parties, which we thus bring together.

Advantageous for both sides

Our Resource Pool match-makes commissioning parties and freelancers. It enables freelancers to find projects meeting their needs and wishes – and commissioning parties to find the experts needed for a limited term.

Both sides are guaranteed the requisite flexibility. By using the Resource Pool, companies are ensured of quickly and effectively finding the people they need for their projects – and of doing so with having to incur unnecessary bureaucracy. Freelancers are spared the burden of searching for clients.

Both parties are able to rely upon receiving fair engagement contracts.

What we offer: an in-depth look

Our services

  • Proactive maintenance of our wide-ranging network
  • Research meeting your needs
  • Compilation of selection of suitable freelancers
  • Capability to conduct personal interviews
  • Selection and preparation of contractual documents
  • Proactive management of relationships
  • Technological proficiencies covered: Microsoft.Net, Microsoft Sharepoint, Java, SAP, C, C++

Your advantages

  • Clear and predetermined amounts and scheduling of costs
  • No fixed-costs; free-of-charge and productive HR research
  • Flexible planning of resources and meeting of “peak times” demand
  • Provision of technological expertise needed and coverage of “peak times” demand thanks to commissioning of external parties
  • Transfer of knowhow
  • Capability of concentration on core businesses and of bringing your project and product development to a successful conclusion – on schedule and on budget.

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