We are an innovative and dynamic company staffed by young and highly-motivated employees. We are looking for people who share our enthusiasm for developing software, 
and who have the requisite skills and productivity to do such.



  • You are looking for a place in which to test and deploy your skills in a real-world environment??
  • You are looking for a place which offers you ways to develop and to fine-tune your talents and expertise, a place in which you can put these to the test, in which you can be a proactive participant in a diversity of projects?
  • You are looking for a company that offers you the business stability providing you with security, that has the resources to realize its plans, and that also displays the flexibility needed to deal with rapidly changing markets?
  • You are looking for an exciting, productive place to work, a place that gives you what you need to realize your potential?

Then reach out!


  • Working for our company means getting assignments that have the power to empower you – assignments of true importance.
  • We provide you with what you require to further develop your talents.
  • We provide you with the space needed to encourage growth, space in which a variety of ideas can be exchanged, in which proficiencies, talents, input and feedback can be shared and teamed up. This is channeled to the creating and of furthering projects to be worked on by the persons participating in this process.
  • Working for us means getting involved in an ongoing and creative testing of a wide variety of possibilities. It is this open-ended approach that is a key driver of the success enjoyed by us all.

We are talking about the productive excitement of performance!


  • Working for us means taking on every day the challenges arising from our projects.
  • To master these challenges, we rely upon flat hierarchies, upon each of our staff member’s being responsible for her or his activities, upon her or his purposefully working for the success of our company, and upon each giving others the requisite feedback and helpful input.
  • For us, high-performance and enjoyment are not contradictions.
  • We see ourselves as being a vital and fast-growing company, with this applying to all areas.
  • We work closely with researchers, and are continually finding ways to turn their innovations into business-use products, services and solutions.


..our teaming up will provide you with a great way to develop your career– and will guarantee our further growth.


Our team in Upper Austria

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